Brice Laughrey

Owner, Breaking Bread Theology

Co-founder, 1310 Ministries

Studied Biblical Text at Abilene Christian University, TX

MRE in Missional Leadership from Rochester University, MI

In Pursuit of God

Breaking Bread Theology is an invitation to pursue God. It comes with assumptions, because when we pursue the invisible, mysterious, and unmeasurable, we have to start somewhere. Breaking Bread Theology starts with Christianity, but that doesn’t mean you have to be a Christian to be here. My hope is that this will be a safe space for everyone, but for that to be true, we have to work together to make space for each other. As we pursue God together, we’re free to question all of the assumptions with which we’re starting, but that freedom only exists if we root our exploration in mutual love.

Here are some of the assumptions with which I’m starting:

  • God is.
  • God is love, and, therefore, God loves.
  • God doesn’t just live in the past, because God is. That means that God is now, so we can experience God and pursue God now.
  • Jesus is God the Son and the best revelation of God in scripture.
  • The Holy Spirit is God the Spirit.
  • Christian scripture (i.e. the Bible) is a compilation of attempts to articulate people’s experiences of God.

At Breaking Bread Theology, the first three points are the most foundational, because they’re the starting place for conversations between my beliefs and understandings about God and the things I see, hear, and experience in my actual life. It’s a place where God doesn’t just live in the past but is someone who exists in the present and creates out of love, and that questions and is questioned by every context and reality I experience.


Participate with Love in creating safe spaces for people to explore, experience, and pursue God, faith, and theology without shame or fear.

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