Whether we admit it or not, as people of faith, we sift our theology through Scripture, Church history and tradition, our reason, and our own experience.

Sarah Bessey

Theology is the broadest category of posts at Breaking Bread Theology. Theology posts can be anything from the process of approaching theology to self-explorations about cultural issues. This is where the rubber meets the road — where faith and understanding start having conversations with real life.

Latest Posts

Disability, Part 2

Meditating on hospitality, disability, and communal identity as I read through Disability: Living into the Diversity of Christ’s Body by Brian Brock.

Dangerous Words: Imperfect

The word “imperfect” is often used to compare human beings to an imagined, “perfect” human. Let’s take a brief look at why this can be harmful.

Memento Mori

Meditating on Memento Mori, reimagining life and death, and re-examining eternal life.

Theology of Disability

What is a theology of disability, and why does it matter? Journey with me as I learn to hold space for the diversity of humanity.

Humans and Heroes

Is there a downside to making humans into heroes? What would happen if we reimagined our heroes as human rather than “larger than life?”

Selling God, Part 3

Suffering is real, but so are our limitations. Being honest about both may help us live into the Way while resisting the temptation to sell God.


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