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What Are Breath Prayers?

Breath prayers are a form of meditative prayer that follow the rhythm of your breathing and are great for kids and adults, alike. Let’s explore together.

Who Is Jesus?

Who is Jesus historically, and who is Jesus to Christians? Also, where does the name Jesus come from, and why do some people call him by other names?

What Is Christianity?

What is Christianity? Why is it called Christianity? This is a very brief introduction for people who might be encountering Christianity for the first time.


Staying Home From Church: Intro

“Staying home from church” usually means “staying home from Sunday worship services.” Is that a bad thing? Is it bad if you struggle with getting to “church?”

Pursuing God

What does it mean to pursue God, and how is that different from pursuing Christianity? Some people assume Christians are pursuing religion, and too often, they’re right.

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