Whether we admit it or not, as people of faith, we sift our theology through Scripture, Church history and tradition, our reason, and our own experience.

Sarah Bessey

Theology is the broadest category of posts at Breaking Bread Theology. Theology posts can be anything from the process of approaching theology to self-explorations about cultural issues. This is where the rubber meets the road — where faith and understanding start having conversations with real life.

Latest Posts

Dangerous Words: Just

The word “just,” as in “merely,” can be used to dismiss or diminish opposing voices. Let’s look at how this can happen and why it’s dangerous.

Pursuing God

What does it mean to pursue God, and how is that different from pursuing Christianity? Some people assume Christians are pursuing religion, and too often, they’re right.

Consistent Theology

Consistent theology is one of the most important theological pursuits. In this post, find out why I think consistency is important in our pursuit of God.

New Year, New You? (Luke 18)

New Year’s Resolutions are often about wanting to be better. What can we learn from Luke 18 about being better, love, and setting New Year’s Resolutions?

Trouble I’ve Seen, Part 5: Confirmation Bias

Confirmation bias is something we all struggle with. This isn’t new, but over the long-term, we create echo chambers. What challenges do confirmation bias present as racial divisions are forced to the forefront of our lives?


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